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If you can envision it, I will make it real.

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Your ideas come to life.

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About Anne

Life is short. Make an impression, leave your mark.



I've been asked to do so many jobs, some too small to really stand out and other as large as billboards. I relish any design project because unlike a lot of designers I don't believe I'm too good to learn along the way. I love a challenge, and usually deliver exactly what the client envisioned the end product to be, if not, the result exceeded expectation. As the relationship between designer and client should be symbiotic, it's my job to tweak a design for the better should the need arise. I will not sign my name to inferior work, so I tend to go above and beyond.


I use css for my sites, with some java scripting thrown in. I'm in the process of learning Flash animation as I'm studying at the moment to add to my skills.


I am a cross between an artist and a mad scientist and love experimenting with all kinds of art, computer based or up to my elbows in it. I love art in really large format, so the computer is an ideal medium for me. I do original work and reproductions. I restore old photos for people and basically do anything that gives me an excuse to be creative.

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